Persistent Fever

  • Tablet Dolo or Paracetamol or Crocin 500mg one tablet every 6 Hourly by mouth (20-30 min after meals or eating something, please do not take it empty stomach)
  • Tapid Water Sponging: If fever remain high after 4 tablets a day or rises before next dose is due [Tapid Water Sponging: Wet a cloth with tap water (NOT COLD) and place over forehead, hands, arms, legs and feet till fever comes to 100*F]
  • Call helpline number if fever remain continuously high for more than 48-72 hrs despite four paracetamol tablets a day and tapid water sponging: 9646121511, 9646121642, 01722501303
  • Note: Check temperature before giving the tablet if you have thermometer and keep recording the temperature readings on paper/chart
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