Persistent Cough

  • Continue warm Saline Gargles 5-6 times a day to continue
  • Continue steam Inhalation 5-6 times a day to continue
  • Continue home remedies for cough like honey and back pepper powder or Honey, black pepper powder and resins or ginger or other home remedies/ Kaadha
  • Syrups for cough (Ayurvedic or Allopathic sough syrups, only after consulting doctor) two table spoons thrice a day
  • Call helpline if cough is making talking, breathing or sleeping difficult or if continuously increasing for 24-48 hrs; 9646121511, 9646121642, 01722501303
  • For pain in throat, tablet Dolo or Paracetamol or Crocin one tablet as and when required or every 8 Hourly by mouth (20-30 min after meals or eating something, please do not take it empty stomach)
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