Difficulty in Breathing

  • Are you feeling breathless or feel shortness of breath while doing routine activities, like walking to washroom or while talking
  • Measure oxygen level (saturation) if you have pulse oximeter*: If saturation is persistently 94% or below then

Make the patient to lie down in prone position (face down) for 15-30 min and recheck oxygen saturation. One may remain in prone position till he/she is comfortable.

Deep breathing: Slowly take a deep breath in, hold as long as its comfortable -DO NOT FORCE- exhale slowly: keep repeating the cycles. Try to expand your entire chest and belly

Urgently call helpline – 9646121511, 9646121642, 01722501303 if saturation is persistently low 

Check oxygen saturation accurately*

  • Make sure hand is comfortably placed by the side of body
  • Ensure to use index finger of dominant hand, no nail paint or mehandi on finger
  • Record continuously for 30 seconds, check pulse oximeter reading in other hand
  • Check the saturation of healthy members to ensure pulse oximeter is working properly
  • Make sure you are reading saturation in SpO2% and not Heart rate that is expressed in beats per minute [bpm]
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