COVID19 Medicine Kit

COVID Medicine Kit:

    • Health department and administration is providing medicine kits for the home isolated COVID19 patients.
    • Medicine Kits are delivered within 24 hours of positive COVID report at the address mentioned in the report. Please do not panic if the kits are not received.
    • Tentative details of the medicines included in the kits is provided and you may take the medicine available with you if required till the kits are delivered.
    • If kit is not delivered within 24 hours or additional kit is required,  please call : 9478438188  for Chandigarh South Zone 
    • You may fill here  Patient details for Kit delivery  and we will forward it to concerned authorities.
    • For more information click : COVID19 Medicine Kit

COVID19 Medicine Kit [Sample list, GMCH -32]

  • The Medicine Kits may not necessarily contain all of the following things and may vary at times and from area to area
S.No. Name of item  Quantity  Remarks 
1. Tablet Azithromycin 500mg 05 Once daily for 5 days
2. Cap/Tabs B Complex with Zinc 10 1 daily for 10 days
3. Tablet Vitamin C 20 Twice daily (morning and evening) x10 days
4. Tablet Paracetamol 500mg 10 As and when required, in case fever is more than 100° F
5. Oral Rehydration Powder Sachet 2

Use in case of diarrhea & vomiting (used as per instructions on the sachet)

6. Face masks triple layered

1 packet, (50 masks)

One mask for maximum 8 hours, discard used masks
7. Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 1 bottle For regular sanitisation


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