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Frequently Asked questions

1). Which is best vaccine — Covaxin or Covishield?
Ans – Both have undergone research, and both are effective. Citizens should get either of the two as they will prevent severe disease and Covid death.

2). Can I take one dose of Covaxin and another dose of Covishield?
Ans – No. Both doses have to be of the same vaccine

3). Can heart bypass patients take vaccine?
Ans – Yes.

4). Can people get Covid-19 after taking vaccine?
Ans – We have limited data in India. But as per US agency Centre for Disease Control, 99.99% did not get infected after taking the vaccine.

5). Can patients with history of allergies take vaccine?
Ans – Consult your doctor. There are different types of allergies; if you have gotten an allergy earlier, go to hospital setting for vaccination. If there is a reaction, they can manage.

6). What are symptoms after vaccination?
Ans – Fever, chills, body pain and tiredness. If these come, please take simple paracetamol. It will be ok in 2-3 days. There won’t be any major side effects. There will be redness and pain at injection point.

7). What if a family member gets Covid-19 after I have taken my first dose? What precautions to be taken for second dose?
Ans – Take the second dose as per schedule.

8). Can people with previous medical history take vaccines?
Ans – When you go for vaccination, ask the doctor present.

9). Can patients on thyroid medication take vaccines?
Ans – Yes. There will be no issues.

10). Is there any test required before vaccination?
Ans – No test is required. Not only in India. across the world no such test is necessary. If you have Covid-19 symptoms, take a test before getting vaccinated.

11). Do I need to take second shot at the same place I took the first shot?
Ans – No. You can take it anywhere.

12). Can Covid-19 vaccine give me infection?
Ans – Definitely not. None of vaccines in India contain live viruses and hence can’t cause Covid infection. However, once you take vaccine, don’t get false courage. Maintain precautions like wearing masks and distancing. Full immunity will set in only 14 days after second dose.

13). Is there any difference in the vaccine content of first and second dose?
Ans – No.

14). Should I stop my regular medicines like blood thinner before taking vaccines?
Ans – No. Please take medication.

15). What if I get Covid-19 before taking my second shot of vaccine?
Ans – Take the second shot 1-2 weeks after recovery. If you get Covid-19 before first dose, take it 28 days after full recovery.

16). Can feeding or pregnant mothers take vaccine?
Ans – As per latest regulations, it is not advised.

17). Can heart patients take vaccine?
Ans – Yes.

18). Can those on non-allopathic medication take vaccines?
Ans – Yes.

19). I took one dose of vaccine. I got Covid-19. After recovery should I take only second dose or two doses of the vaccine?
Ans – You need to take only the second dose.

20). Can cancer survivors take vaccine?
Ans – Yes. Patients with any previous illness can take the vaccine.

21). After second dose, I had leg pain. Is it common?
Ans – Consult your doctor as there can be many reasons for leg pain

22). Can Covid vaccine-generated antibodies give immunity against other viruses?
Ans – It is specific to that disease only. It won’t give to other diseases. We give multiple vaccines to children.

23). My father fears taking the second dose. Can he stop with one dose?
Ans – Full effect of the vaccine can be obtained only after you take both doses and two weeks later. One dose won’t be enough.

24). Will natural antibodies be destroyed after vaccination?
Ans – No. Vaccine will only add new antibodies. Natural antibodies will continue to exist in the system. No harm will be done to immune system.

25). I have already recovered from Covid-19. I have antibodies. Can I avoid vaccine?
Ans – No. Antibodies will not remain for a long time. It is necessary to take vaccine.

26). What if the second dose is delayed due to some reason?
Ans – No issues. Take it when convenient. But best to take 4 weeks and 6-8 weeks. But the second dose has to be taken.

27). My father has high blood pressure, diabetes and heart issues. Can he take vaccine?
Ans – Yes. These comorbidities are at higher risk. So they must take.

28). First dose was taken overseas (Covishield equivalent). Can second dose be taken in India?
Ans – Yes. That is possible. If same option is available here.

29). Is vaccine effective if no side effects is seen?
Ans – Yes.

30). Is home vaccination available?
Ans – YES/No (Better to Contact Local Authority). If 50-100 people available in any apartment complex, a temporary camp can be held.


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